We operate in a 150,000 square foot facility containing 9 main stages, 3 live broadcast stages, a 15,000 square foot dedicated esports center, 2 live streaming studios, production offices and green rooms. We guarantee we have the space to fit your project.

Our specialty stages include an Automotive Stage with a 21' turntable, an Event Stage with dock high loading and exterior access, and a Photo Stage that's perfect when film productions need to shoot complimentary stills / digitals.

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Grip and Electric

Thunder provides best-in-class grip and electric service through our supplier network to ensure your order is complete, on time, and fully operational upon your arrival. With over 20 years of experience, we can troubleshoot and provide creative, real-time solutions for any unexpected challenges.

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Expendables and Production Supplies

Staging in a pinch for Video Villages, Client Lounge, H/MU and Green Room. Our expendables include everything from all new 2018 Ikea furniture to portable A/C units, coolers, rolling racks and mirrors.

Never worry about going without, our expendables store is open around the clock and has all the tapes, gels, and sprays you need to perfectly light your image. Forget something in your kit? No worries, we've got you covered.

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Overhead Lightboxes

We own and operate the area’s premier collection of overhead lightboxes and flying flats, including the largest pre-installed lightbox in the world. Combined with our full-motion gantries, we’re known for great lighting solutions.

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Catering and Cafe

We provide exceptional a la carte services from our on-site catering kitchen as well as our boutique over the counter café.

Highlighting local Long Beach artisanal coffee and beverages. We personally source all meat, seafood and organic produce from select local markets and vendors.

All menus are customized based upon client requirements and budgetary considerations and our all-inclusive prices include: Chef, Labor, Ice, Food, and Dining Space in our per head count pricing. That’s right, no further costs except for tables, chairs, linens, and tax!


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